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  • 10 Chapter Course to get you started investing right away Each chapter is packed with information that will give you a solid foundation for investing knowledge

  • Learn how to make money in the stock market, even if you've never traded before. This course will teach you everything you need to know to start investing in the stock market today.

  • Each chapter includes exercises, quizzes, and/or reading list suggestions to give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

  • Computer access allows you to learn from anywhere, anytime! Chapters are also organized so you can quickly find any information you're looking for.

  • PLUS, you can learn and practice at your OWN pace. Go as fast as you want or take as long as you want. YOU are in control!

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Everything you need to know to start investing to achieve financial and location independence! When you understand the stock market basics, you will be able to enter the market with the knowledge you need to create incredible wealth. You’ll learn at your own pace, when you want, where you want – and most importantly – you’ll get to PRACTICE while you learn. So when you’re ready, you’ll be able to make your own investment decisions with confidence. Join a growing number of satisfied customers that have tried our course and loved it!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Investing

    • So You Want to Invest?

    • Introduction

    • How to Create a Financial Investment Plan

    • Banks and Credit Unions

    • Certificates of Deposits and Money Market Accounts (MMA)

    • What are Stocks?

    • Why Should You Invest In Stocks

    • Financial Planning Questionaire

    • End of Lesson Summary

  • 2

    How the Stock Market Works

    • The Greatest Wealth-Building Tool

    • How to Make Money In the Stock Market

    • What are Stock Exchanges?

    • Other Exchanges

    • Public vs. Private Companies & IPOs vs Secondary Market Securities

    • Market Timing and Moving

    • Bull vs Bear Market

    • Don't Try to Time the Market

    • End of Lesson Summary

  • 3

    Understanding Risk and Return

    • Know the Risk

    • Risk and Investing

    • Investing vs Trading

    • End Of Lesson Summary

  • 4

    Type of Investments to Make

    • Investment Accounts

    • Mutual Funds

    • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

    • Index Funds

    • Bonds

    • Real Estate

    • Foreign Currency (Forex)

    • Cryptocurrency

    • End of Lesson Summary

  • 5

    Buying Your First Stock

    • Online Stock Brokers and How to Choose the Right One

    • Buying Index Funds vs Individual Stocks

    • How to Look Up Stock "Ticker Symbol"

    • Understanding Stock Quotes

    • Types of Orders: Market, Limit, Stop

    • Types of Order Timing-Day, GTC, Fill or Kill

    • Buying on Margin

    • Short Selling

    • Set Goals & Targets

    • End of Lesson Summary

  • 6

    Wellbull Demo

    • Webull Trade Demo

  • 7

    How to Research Stocks-Understanding Fundamental Analysis

    • Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis

    • Intro to Fundamental Analysis

    • Information: 10-Ks, 10-Qs, and 8-Ks

    • Income Statements

    • Operating Income, EBITDA and Net Income

    • Understanding Cash Flow Statements

    • EPS, PE Ratios, Cash Flow per Share and ROE

    • Revenue and Earnings Estimates

    • Balance Sheets

    • Management

    • Competitive Advantage

    • Stock Screeners

    • End of Lesson Summary

  • 8

    Building Your 100,000 Portfolio

    • Risk, Reward, Diversification

    • Buying Stocks That You Know

    • What Would Warren Buffer Do?

    • Popular Analyst and Websites

    • End of Lesson Summary

  • 9

    Now That I Own It, What's Next?

    • Ride the Winners

    • Don't Fall in Love With Stocks

    • Know When to Hold'em, Know When to Fold'em

    • Keep To Your Exit Strategy

    • End of Lesson Summary

  • 10

    The Investor's Guide to Success

    • 10 Keys To Remember

    • 10 Mistakes to Avoid

    • Death & Taxes

    • Stay Informed

    • Practice, Practice, Practice

    • Develop A Winning Strategy

    • What Would (Coach) Starr Do?

    • End of Course Summary

Bonus material

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  • Saving & Investing Guide

    A roadmap to your financial security through saving and investing $19.99 Value

  • Investing Course


  • Stock Market Practice Simulator

    UNLIMITED access to our Stock Market practice simulator. A virtual $100,000 in a practice account to give you real investing experience

Customer Reviews

  • Casonya C.

    Very informative. The information covered in the course is easy to understand.

  • Alonna G.

    This class was very informative and opened my eyes about many things around investing. Sapphire does a phenomenal job breaking down basic things such as terms and how and why to invest.

  • Bert W.

    Coach Starr was amazing. She made investing in the Stock Market user friendly. I highly recommend this class for everyone who is interested in how the Stock Market works.

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